Dylan Bannister is a visual artist born and raised in Sandy Springs, South Carolina. In 2016, he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts with concentrations in Printmaking and Drawing from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina - where he currently resides, maintains a studio practice, and contributes to the town’s growing arts community.

Since graduating, Bannister has returned to his alma-mater as an Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts to instruct newcomers to the Department of Fine Arts on artwork documentation and portfolio organization. Additionally, he has designed web spaces for the department and online portfolios for creative individuals.

Video by Basic Cable in promotion of RECALL, a solo exhibition by Dylan Bannister presented by The Dwelling.


Bannister’s artworks utilize the analog video aesthetic to draw connections between error-ridden images pulled from dated television screens and the formation, storage, and recollection of memories in one’s own mind. His interdisciplinary approach unites contemporary practices in photography and video with traditional media such as printmaking, drawing, and painting.

In his ongoing body of work, Bannister sources his imagery from arcane and forgotten video cassettes during playback. By nature, these images are noise-filled, fragmented, and otherwise distorted depictions of their subjects. Bannister has found that the process of retrieving and reworking his imagery results in a loss of information and a detachment from its original context, not unlike the reminiscing of a distant memory.

 Photography by  Alexis Howard

Photography by Alexis Howard