Exhibitions Curated

Printmaking 2017 - Student and Alumni Print Exhibition

Exhibition Organizer & Curator
September 2017

This exhibition showcased recent works in the field of printmaking by current Winthrop students and Alumni. Highlighted here was the success within printmaking both before and after students graduate. With multiple print methodologies represented, this show acted as an overview of the strong senses of technical skill, personal image vocabulary, and experimentation that Winthrop’s printmakers develop.


A full album of installation shots can be found here.
Images courtesy of Winthrop University Galleries. Photography by Nicole Davenport.

OPUS: Revisiting the Printmaking Exchange at Winthrop University

Exhibition Curator
November 2015

The Printmaking Exchange is a long-standing tradition of the Printmaking program within the Winthrop University Department of Fine Arts. Each semester, students enrolled in Relief, Intaglio, and Silkscreen Printmaking courses propose theme ideas. Through a voting process, a single common theme is chosen. Working in their respective print medium, each printmaker creates their own image based on their understanding or interpretation of the theme. The result: each contributor receives a collection of fine art prints by all who participated.

OPUS was an exhibition that revisited chosen works produced by Printmaking students and faculty from exchanges over the course of decades. As exchange themes vary widely, so do the works created. The Printmaking Exchange has inspired Winthrop’s printmakers to produce quality fine art prints, encouraging them to share their strongest work with their peers. This incentive is indicative of the Printmaking program itself, which radiates an ideal balance of striking imagery and strong technical skill.

This exhibition was but a fraction of hundreds of pieces produced in past Printmaking Exchanges, and represented only a small portion of the total number of works produced in the “Rutledge 105 Print Shop.” Because the shop retains one print from each student's exchange edition, there exists an archive of some of the finest print-made works in the program. As a part of a larger effort by the Union of Student Artists at Winthrop University to promote student work, Printmaking students Dylan Bannister, Caroline Kalayjian, and Meaghan Westfall curated works from the Printmaking Exchange archive for this exhibition.

OPUS occupied the McLaurin Student Galleries at Winthrop University from Tuesday, November 10, 2015 through Monday, November 16, 2015. A reception was held on Friday, November 13, 2015 from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM, during which selected prints were available for purchase with proceeds benefiting the Union of Student Artists and the Winthrop Printmaking Studio.